Why is there build-up in the Chlorine Output line?

The white build up seen in the unit or in the Chlorine Output line is calcium. Calcium build up can happen for a variety of reasons, the primary one being water hardness.


How to prevent the build-up:

  • Consistent acid washing will flush out hardness in the chlorine line.
  • Keeping the pH Discharge Valve open will drain high pH, alkaline liquid from the unit. This results in a mildly acidic liquid flowing through the Chlorine Genie, which will clear out calcium build-up.
  • If needed, acid wash the Float Feeder to clear calcium from the Float Feeder and the Chlorine Output line. 
  • Install a filter system that removes hardness from the units water source.
    • For further information about a filter/softener system, reach out to Ultimate Water Support:
      • support@ultimatepoolwater.com
      • 800-970-7616