Why is the Brine Tank overflowing?

The Brine Tank of the Chlorine Genie has a built-in overflow drain, although certain factors can still result in failure or ineffectiveness of the overflow mechanism:

  1. Upon Installation, water must be added before salt with the pH Discharge Valve open.
    1. Adding salt without opening the pH Discharge Valve will cause the tank to temporarily overflow.
    2. Solution: Open the valve and bring the water level back to the pH overflow line.
  2. If the Chlorine Output is blocked, the Brine Tank will overfill.
    1. Check the lower ball valve below the Float Feeder, and ensure the valve is open. Disconnect the tubing after the ball valve to see if there is water flow. If not, and the Chlorine Genie is on, the valve might be stuck closed or there is no power to the valve. Check the electrical connections to confirm the ball valve is correctly configured.
    2. Remove the Float Feeder and see if any water is coming out of the chlorine exit line.  If the Chlorine Genie is on, and no water is coming out, then you have a blockage going out of the chlorine exit.
    3. Solution: How to acid wash the Cell 
  3. If there is a blockage in the pH overflow, then the Brine Tank will overflow.
    1. If there is no water coming out of the overflow tee, back flush the mixing chamber.
    2. Solution: Put a garden hose into the chlorine exit line and plug the Chlorine Vent Tube. Turn on the water hose full blast, as this will blow out any blockage.
  4. If the RO Cartridge is failing, the Brine Tank will overflow.
    1. Check the drip rate by removing the tubing above the P-Trap (below the RO Cartridge), there should be a couple drips per second. IF this is a full stream then the RO Cartridge is failing and this will cause the Brine Tank to overflow.
    2. Solution: How do I replace the Reverse Osmosis (RO) Cartridge?
  5. If the Chlorine Vent Tube is plugged, the Brine Tank will overflow.
    1. Check the Chlorine Vent Tube - it cannot be plugged if you are using a Float Feeder.  This will cause an air block in the mixing chamber and cause the unit to overflow. Only block this vent with a Venturi installation.
    2. Solution: Ensure the vent tube is not plugged, and remove any blockage.
  6. If there is insufficient suction at the pool pump, the Brine Tank will overflow.
    1. IF a pool is above ground, or higher than the pump, then there may be backflow issues.
      1. Solution: Contact Ultimate Water Support for information about installing a booster pump.
    2. IF the pump is not primed, you could have backflow when the genie is on and the pool water is back flowing to the genie.
      1. Solution: Check the Chlorine Genie run cycles...
        1. Configure the Chlorine Genie to turn on 30 minutes after the pool pump turns on. 
        2. Configure the Chlorine Genie to turn off 30 minutes before the pool pump turns off.
  7. If the Float Feeder is clogged, the Brine Tank will overflow.
    1. There may be calcium deposits on the Float Feeder, causing the float to be stuck or clogged. If the float does not lift, it will not release the chlorine to the pool leading to a backup in the Brine Tank.
      1. Solution: How to acid wash the Cell 
    1. Also check: While the unit is on, are water levels inside the Float Feeder rising and dropping? If not, a bad float (or a leak) will cause the Float Feeder to lose its' buoyancy and not lift to release water.
      1. Solution: Reach out to Ultimate Water Support for a replacement Float Feeder.