Why is my water hazy?

Is your pool water hazy? Milky? Read below for steps to ensure your pool's chemicals are balanced.

Hazy water? Please read the recommendations below.

Begin by testing your pool water's chemical balance (each of the below affects the other, please check all 4 chemical balances):

  1. Chlorine: optimal level is 1-3 PPM
    1. If chlorine level is low, please run the Chlorine Genie for a 24 hour span. Hit the 'OVR' button on your Time Clock to manually override the ‘AUTO’ setting; this will run your unit constantly until the following day’s cycle. In parallel, turn pool filter on for a 24 hour period, which will allow the Chlorine Genie to balance the chlorine levels. The pool water should be clearer after a 24 hour cycle.
    2. High chlorine levels would not cause water haziness.
  2. pH: optimal pH level is 7.4 PPM
    1. If pH is low, close the ph Valve on the Chlorine Genie to increase pH. Check pH level every 24 hours until pH level has reached the optimal level. Once pH is balanced, open the pH valve.
    2. If pH is high, open the pH Valve on the Chlorine Genie to decrease pH. Check pH level every 24 hours until pH level has reached the optimal level. Once pH is balanced, close the pH valve.
  3. Alkalinity: optimal level is 90-120 PPM
    1. If alkalinity is low, add sodium bicarbonate directly into the pool. Retest the alkalinity after 24 hours.
    2. High alkalinity would not cause water haziness.
  4. Stabilizer: optimal level is 40-60 PPM
    1. If stabilizer is low, add stabilizer (cyanuric acid) directly into your pool.
    2. If stabilizer is high, you might need to partially drain your pool. Please reach out to support@ultimatepoolwater.com for details prior to draining pool.

If your pool water is still hazy 4-7 days after balancing your water’s chemicals, please review below for additional factors that might be causing haziness (these are not related to the Chlorine Genie unit):

  • Is your pool filter running and clean: ensure that your filter is running for enough hours and verify the last time that the filter was cleaned (filter might need to be backwashed).
  • There might be phosphates in your pool: add phosphate remover to the pool.
    • If you recently added phosphate remover, your water will be cloudy for a few days. Please allow a few days for the phosphate remover to remove impurities.
  • Rain: rainfall can drain into your pool, bringing outside sediment/chemicals into the pool water. Wash the pool filter, brush the pool, add pool clarifier, and run the filter and Chlorine Genie unit for longer hours. Check pool after 24 hours to ensure the water is beginning to become clearer.


For additional support, please reach out to support@ultimatepoolwater.com or call 619-685-0691 Ext. 2.