When and why does water come out of the Overflow Line?

Water will flow out of the Overflow Line, which ties into the pH Discharge Valve (below the valve) on the exterior of the Chlorine Genie, when there is no other outlet for water flow. This Overflow Line is a safety feature to ensure water will not overflow out of the Brine Tank and through the Salt Lid.

There are various reasons as to why water would exit the Overflow Line.

  1. Water only flows into the Chlorine Genie while it is ON. If the Reverse Osmosis Cartridge has failed and is not restricting the flow of water into the Chlorine Genie, this can cause a faster water flow than the unit can handle.
  2. If the secondary ball valve or the float feeder are not functioning and water cannot escape through the Chlorine Output Line, if the pH Valve is closed the only other way for water to escape from the Chlorine Genie is through the Overflow Line.  

As a note to consider, while the Overflow Line will allow water to flow out of the Chlorine Genie even if the pH Discharge Valve is closed, if the Overflow Line itself is clogged, the incoming water will fill up the Brine Tank and overflow through the Salt Lid.

If water is overflowing through the salt lid:

  • Turn the Chlorine Genie OFF
  • Open the pH Discharge Valve
  • Call Support for help on how to clean the Overflow Line and troubleshoot Chlorine Genie overflow issues
    • 800-970-7616 ext 2