What is Hard Water?

What is hard water?

  • Hard water occurs when there are minerals such as calcium and magnesium present in tap water.
  • The presence of hard water in your pool can cause a number of issues, from stains to hard deposit scaling. Reducing hardness is done through dilution, a sequestering agent, by filtering your water, or by focusing on adjusting your total alkalinity, as it is difficult for calcium to pose a problem when your pH and total alkalinity are within a healthy range.

How does hard water impact the Chlorine Genie?

  • The Chlorine Genie uses an Anti-Scale Cartridge as well as a Reverse Osmosis Cartridge to reduce the hardness of water entering the unit, preventing calcium deposits from clogging up the chlorine producing system.
  • If a water source has a hardness above 250 PPM, Ultimate Water recommends installing a water softener along with the Chlorine Genie. This is due to hardness creating deposits/build-up inside the unit that can impact unit performance.
    • To check the incoming water source hardness, use test strips or chemical test kits.