What is a constant, full-pressure water source?

Chlorine Genie units require being tapped into a constant, full-pressure water source. Read below to understand why.

What is a constant, full pressure water source?

  • In a constant pressure system when water demand increases, pump speed increases and when water demand decreases, the pump speed will decrease. To maintain pressure in the most efficient way possible the pump only runs as much as necessary to meet demand.

Why does the Chlorine Genie needs a constant, full pressure water source?

  • When the Chlorine Genie is installed, it relies on a constant, full-pressure water source to function properly. Inconsistent water pressure will prevent the unit from having sufficient water flow to keep your chemical levels balanced and chlorine levels optimal. The unit relies on sufficient water flow to produce chlorine.
  • The source of water required for the Chlorine Genie will need to be under constant pressure. This water source can be from your home, water softener, or treated city water. The filters on the Chlorine Genie are designed to operate at 40-60 psi. Check to see if your source has this pressure range. This water pressure should remain steady.
    • If testing water pressure on the pressure side of an irrigation system, make sure the Chlorine Genie unit is on when the sprinklers are in use or you will have low pressure. Low water pressure will cause a lack of water flow and you will have chlorine fumes or chemical imbalance output.