There is a strong chlorine smell coming from the Chlorine Genie. Is this a problem?


NOTE: eye protection and an organic vapors mask must be worn to prevent injury or ingestion of any harmful chemicals.

  • Check amperage
    • If above 15 amps, the Chlorine Genie will produce more chlorine gas than can be absorbed by the water in the unit. This excess gas will vent through the Chlorine Vent Tube.
  • Inspect inside the Brine Tank
    • Locate the tubes and connections coming from the chlorine-generating Cell (green tubes pictured below) - if one of those are loose, it will leak chlorine gas. 
    • Pay special attention to the back left tube (green tube pictured below) that connects the 6” precipitation tank to the mixing chamber, as this tubing contains pure chlorine gas. 
  • Was the unit recently installed?
    • When first installed, there will be a bit of extra venting from the Brine Tank. This smell should dissipate within a week as the pH increases. 
  • Check the water source
    • If the water has been shut off, the unit will have insufficient water to absorb the chlorine gas. This excess gas will vent out of the unit through the Chlorine Vent Tube. 
    • Do you have a drip out of the Reverse Osmosis line going to the 4" precipitation tank? If not, then water flow is too low.
    • Check your flow at the P-Trap. A low stream can be lack of water or pressure. If using a 350ml Flow Restrictor - measure water output for one minute to ensure 350ml of water is flowing.
  • Check the water flow at the Float Feeder.
    • Expected: 350ml per minute with pH Discharge Valve open, a little more than 350ml per minute with pH Discharge Valve closed.
    • If flow is less than expected, excess chlorine is gassing off through the Chlorine Vent Tube.
    • If flow is more than expected, check the pH Discharge Valve. If closed, the Brine Tank will overflow and block the chlorine exit line. This causes chlorinated liquid to flow out through the pH Discharge line leading to a smell of chlorine at the drainage location.
  • Was the Cell recently acid washed?
    • Cleaning the Cell and pH Discharge line will release excess chlorine gas. If too much acid is utilized during the cleaning, chlorine gas that was previously locked in the Brine Tank solution will vent out of the unit because acid raises the pH level of the Brine Tank and releases the chlorine.
    • Review: How to acid wash (clean) the Chlorine Genie Cell