I just installed the Chlorine Genie, why is there no amperage?

The Chlorine Genie may take 10-15 minutes to register amperage on the Amperage Meter, as the newly added salt and water need to mix to conduct electricity through the Cell.

If the unit is still not registering amperage 15 minutes after installation, please check the following:

  • Power Source - ensure the unit is plugged into a GFCI outlet, and validate the outlet is providing power (can be tested with a multimeter).
    • Did the red light on the Time Clock come on? If not, check power source.
  • Electrical Connections - check the ring terminals to ensure there is a tight connection, as a loose connection at the terminals at the back of the unit.
    • Verify the Cell terminal connections: Red wire to Red terminal and Black wire to Black terminal.
  • Did you fill the Brine Tank with salt and water to the pH overflow level? Check the 'Add Salt and Water' section of the RT30 Installation Manual.
    • If there is insufficient brine in the Brine Tank, the unit will not register amperage.


If the unit has been correctly installed and ample time has passed to register amperage, yet the Amp Meter is still not showing any amperage, please contact Support:

  • 800-970-7616 ext 2
  • support@ultimatepoolwater.com