How to acid wash (clean) the Chlorine Genie Cell

Cleaning the cell in your Chlorine Genie unit will improve performance, increase the unit's lifespan, and maintain the pool's chlorine level.

How to Clean a Cell

  1. Prepare the following materials:
    1. 1 gallon muriatic acid (31%)
    2. Gloves
    3. Eye Protection
    4. Organic Vapors Respirator 
  2. If the Genie is off, turn the Chlorine Genie on by hitting the OVR button on the Genie faceplate.
    1. IF your Genie uses a float feeder, pool pump also needs to be ‘On’.
  3. Unscrew the black acid reservoir lid and using a funnel, carefully pour one liter of 31% Muriatic Acid into the reservoir. Replace the black cap.
  4. Remove blind nut from acid cap reservoir. Insert the tip of the air pump into the fitting, pump 5 times to create air pressure into reservoir.
    1. What does the air pump do?
      1. Push acid through the tubing, into the acid reservoirs.
      2. Clears calcium deposits on the chlorine exit line.
  5. Remove the air pump from the acid tank cap – remove slowly, as increased air pressure could result in acid blowback (spilling/misting) out of the acid tank.
  6. Cap the acid tank with the blind nut.
  7. Monitor the Amperage Meter.
    1. If there is significant calcium build-up, amperage will dip for up to a minute as the acid reacts with the calcium.
    2. Then, amperage will quickly increase above normal operating level (if unit normally runs at 15 amps, this process will momentarily increase amperage to 20-30 amps).
      1. The temporary increase in amperage signals that the acid is now in the cell chamber.
  8. Turn the Chlorine Genie 'Off' by hitting the OVR button on the Genie faceplate.
    1. IF you are using a float feeder, turn your pool pump off at this time along with the Genie unit
  9. Closing Steps
    1. The cleaning process will now occur (duration: 2-5 hours) without further action – foam will be moving through the Genie’s tubes.
    2. Once the unit has finished cleaning, your system will automatically turn back ‘On’ according to its’ scheduled runtime - ensure the unit is set to AUTO.