How often do I clean the Brine Tank?


How to Flush the Brine Tank

Why clean the Brine Tank?

The brine tank should be cleaned to reduce the amount of calcium hardness suspended in the water in the brine tank and trapped in the 4” precipitation tank. This hardness in the water in the brine tank can cause buildup in the plumbing within the Chlorine Genie, causing clogging in the lines. If the water in the brine tank is calcified, the cell will need to be cleaned more frequently be damaged by this hard water. Additionally, the chlorine output will be lower due to lack of electrolysis with the cell plates due to clogging. Calcified tubes from the water can cause the brine tank to overflow due to clogged pH overflow lines or a pH discharge line.

How often should the Brine Tank be cleaned?

This depends on regular filter changes based on water hardness and the purity of the salt being used. If the Anti Scale and Reverse Osmosis Cartridges are replaced as recommended by the Owner's Manual, the Brine Tank should be able to go 5 years or longer before needing to be cleaned. 

Factors to consider in how often the Brine Tank will need to be cleaned:

If there has been backflow from the pool to the Chlorine Genie, the Brine Tank may need to be cleaned sooner. Pool water is hard and will cause calcium buildup in the cell. This hardness will build up in the tank walls and plumbing, potentially clogging the lines and coating the mesh so as to prevent chlorine production. In this case, the tank will need to be acid cleaned.

If the RO Cartridge fails, this enables hard water to enter the Brine Tank. This causes calcium buildup in the cell. A good visual indicator is calcium deposit build up on the cathode tube. Test the RO Cartridge to determine if it needs to be replaced. When the RO Cartridge is replaced due to failure, the 4” precipitation tank will need to be purged to clear out calcium buildup.

Depending on hardness buildup in the Brine Tank, determine how much calcium deposits (looks like chicken fat) are floating in the water in the Brine Tank. Or how often you are acid cleaning the cell from calcium deposits building up in the cathode tube. If you notice you are cleaning the cell from calcium buildup in the cathode tube every few days. Then you are recontaminating the tank or the 4” precipitation tank is full.