How much water does the Chlorine Genie use?

Is the pool over-filling? Read below to understand water usage and methods to reduce the amount of water the Chlorine Genie adds to the pool.

The Chlorine Genie's water usage is regulated using a 350ml Flow Restrictor. This means that the Chlorine Genie, when running, uses 350ml of water per minute for the pool and another 40ml that is routed to the pH Discharge.


How to reduce water usage:

  1. Reduce the run time of the Chlorine Genie.
    1. Review: How to Configure a Run Cycle
  2. Replace the 350 mL Flow Restrictor a 250 mL Flow Restrictor - this reduces water usage by approximately 30%.   
    1. To purchase a 250ml Flow Restrictor, reach out to Support at 800-970-7616 ext 2 or
  3. Use a pool cover when the pool is not in use.
    1. Pool covers can significantly reduce the amount of water and chlorine that evaporate on a daily basis. A pool cover reduces the amount of run time needed for a Chlorine Genie to keep a pool chlorinated.