How do I turn the Chlorine Genie unit 'ON' and 'OFF'?

By default, your Chlorine Genie unit should be configured to 'AUTO' which will maintain a scheduled runtime. If you need to override these settings, refer to the instructions below.

Are you draining or refilling your pool water? Do you need to turn off your pool pump to do maintenance? Read below to easily turn your unit off, temporarily or permanently. Refer to the image below:


1. On the Chlorine Genie faceplate, you will see a clock. Locate the "SELECT - ON/AUTO/OFF" button below the clock (see image).
2. On the digital clock interface, you will see a black bar above the current setting (generally the unit is set to "AUTO"). Press the "SELECT" button until you see the black bar move to the "OFF" setting.
3. Once the Chlorine Genie has been set to "OFF" the unit will turn off immediately.
    1. If temporary: when you are ready to turn the unit back on, please repeat these steps until the black bar is set to "AUTO" - this will return the system to the configured runtime.
    2. If permanent: leave the setting on your clock to "OFF".


Alternatively, to temporarily shut on/off while keeping the Time Clock setting in "AUTO" - push the OVR button.

  • If the unit was on/running, the unit will turn off and will return to the normal schedule at the next programmed “ON” cycle.
  • If the unit was off, the unit will turn on and will return to the normal schedule at the next programmed “ON” cycle.
  • Review: How to Override the Run Schedule (use of the OVR button)


For additional support, please reach out to Ultimate Water Support: