How do I replace the Reverse Osmosis (RO) Cartridge?

To replace the RO Cartridge, follow the steps below:

  1. If the Chlorine Genie is ON, press OVR to temporarily turn the unit OFF. Wait two minutes for the RO Cartridge to depressurize to avoid sprayed with water.
  2. Remove the poly fitting from the top of the RO Cartridge housing with a 16mm wrench.  Careful not to drop the brass insert that is inside of the Black Water Tubing.
    1. RO1b
  3. Remove the cap of the RO Cartridge housing. If unable to unscrew the cap by hand, use an oil can wrench to loosen the cap.
    1. RO5
  4. Using pliers, grab the cartridge core at the center and pull it out.
    1. RO4
  5. Replace it with a new cartridge.
    1. RO6
  6. When inserting the replacement cartridge, make sure the core is completely inserted and not sticking above the cap.
    1. RO2
  7. Screw the RO Cartridge housing cap back onto the housing, connect the water line (replace brass insert if it has fallen out of the Black Water Tubing), and tighten down the nut with a 16mm wrench.