How do I know if the RO Cartridge is working properly?

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) Cartridge removes hardness from the incoming water source. The water dripping in the Brine Tank must have little to no contaminates to prevent Cell damage and excessive cleaning. During a 6 hour run cycle, the RO Cartridge will deposit approximately: 37 gallons per day with the pH Discharge Valve closed, and about 33 gallons per day with the pH Discharge Valve open. To ensure that the RO Cartridge is dripping at the proper water flow rate, please follow the steps below:

  1. Start with the Chlorine Genie Unit "ON"
  2. Reach into the 4” precipitation tank and lift the Black Water Tube to check the RO drip rate
    1. Precipitation Tank 
  3. Make sure you can visually see the end of the tubing so you can count the drip-rate
    1. Drip Rate
  4. Check the water flow coming out of the Black Water Tubing: the drip rate should be between 2-5 drips per second, or 1/3 quart per minute
    1. IF water flow is too high (or if water is streaming out of tubing), it is time to replace your RO Cartridge
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    2. IF water flow is too low (or no water is coming out of the tubing), check your incoming water source to see if there is water pressure
  5. Test Water Hardness from both household water source and water coming from RO Cartridge (Review: What is Hard Water?). The RO Cartridge is designed to remove approximately 70% of water hardness, therefore the hardness from your household water source should read 70% higher than the hardness from the RO Cartridge:
    1. IF water hardness coming from RO Cartridge is less than your water source, RO Cartridge is working properly (the closer the hardness, the more depleted your RO Cartridge is).
    2. IF water hardness coming from RO Cartridge is the same as than your water source, it is time to replace your RO Cartridge.
      1. IF water hardness coming from RO Cartridge is higher than your household water source, please call Chlorine Genie Support at 800-970-7616 ext 2.


Review the table below to determine the performance of an RO Cartridge, determined by hardness reduction:


Please see video below, demonstrating water flow from the RO Cartridge when working properly:

RO Cartridge Drip Rate