How to check the Chlorine Genie salt levels

How do I know if there is enough salt in the Chlorine Genie? How do I know if there is too much or too little?

  • The Chlorine Genie salt levels can be checked using the Salt Stick on the unit’s face plate pictured below:
    • IF2A1169
  • To verify you’re the unit’s salt levels:
    • Start by lifting the salt stick and releasing it, allowing it to fall back into the salt lid. Once the salt stick drops and settles into place:
      • If the gray cap is flush with the salt lid, a new bag of salt is needed. Add one 40-50 lb bag of salt.
        • Salt Empty
      • If the salt stick is showing green above the salt lid, no additional salt is needed.
        • Salt Normal
      • If salt stick settles all the way above the salt lid, there is too much salt in your Chlorine Genie unit.
        • Salt Overfilled
        • What happens if there is too much salt in the Chlorine Genie? How do I lower the salt level?
          • What happens: the Chlorine Genie will output a higher level of salt to the pool water until the Chlorine Genie processes the excess salt.
          • What to do: No action is needed, as the Chlorine Genie will eventually utilize all of the salt. As mentioned above, pool water is likely to have a higher salt level than is optimal, but the salt will be utilized by the Chlorine Genie over time and the pool will return to intended levels.


If you’re experiencing any issues with your Chlorine Genie’s salt levels, please reach out to or call 619-685-0691 Ext. 2.