How do I flush the Brine Tank for cleaning?

Draining and flushing the Brine Tank can be required to refresh the chemical balance in the Chlorine Genie. We are working on improvements to make this process easier, but for the time being, here are the steps to flush the tank:

A utility pump that can connect to a garden hose adapter will be required. We use this one:


Attach a garden hose from the utility pump to a sewer line or drain that can dispose of sodium hydroxide. The hose will need to be long enough to reach from the Chlorine Genie to this drain.

Remove the Power Supply Cabinet and feed the pump into the main body of water in the Brine Tank. Do not plug the pump in until you are ready to drain -- once the pump is plugged in it will begin to pump.

When the pump sits in the bottom of the Brine Tank, plug it in. This will start pumping out the brine and sodium hydroxide. If there is salt remaining in the tank, add fresh water from a garden hose to flush out and dissolve the salt. The fresh water will help break down the salt and clear out trapped calcium deposits from the Brine Tank.

Additionally, add water to the 4” Precipitation Tank to flush this tank out. Make sure the pH valve is in the closed position so the cylinder can fill up and clear out. This will help push calcium deposits out of the Precipitation Tank.

Once the salt has dissolved and the Brine Tank is drained, unplug the utility pump and remove it from the Brine Tank. Flush the pump with fresh water to ensure longevity. 

Open the pH Valve and add two 40 lb bags of Extra Coarse, no additive salt to the Brine Tank of the Chlorine Genie. Fill the Brine Tank with fresh hose water until it reaches the pH overflow drain (about halfway). Once water starts to flow out of the pH valve, turn off the water. Open or close the the pH valve as needed for the pH of the pool.

Turn the Chlorine Genie on (ensure the pool pump is on) and let it run for 10 minutes before testing the chlorine output.