How are Amps (amperage) adjusted on the Chlorine Genie? What are the reasons to adjust Amps?

The Chlorine Genie will have ideal chlorine gas output at 15 Amps. This article discusses how to adjust the amperage and why.

  • How to adjust Amperage on the Chlorine Genie:

    • Locate the Amp Adjustment knob on the unit's faceplate
    • Turn the knob clockwise (towards "High") to increase amperage, and counter-clockwise (towards "Low") to decrease amperage.
    • Locate the Amperage Meter to monitor the amperage change during/after turning the Amp Adjustment Knob.
      • NOTE: Amperage Meter will only give reading when the unit is on.
      • Important: Chlorine levels are adjusted by increasing/decreasing Chlorine Genie run time. Do not attempt to adjust the chlorine level in the pool with the Amperage Adjustment Knob.
        • For instructions on setting run cycles in order to adjust chlorine levels, review the article below:
  • Why to adjust amperage on the Chlorine Genie:

    • The Chlorine Genie should always be running at 15 amps, which optimizes the consistent production of chlorine. Adjusting amperage should always be done with the objective of achieving a 15 amp reading on the Amperage Meter.
      • The Amperage Meter gives readings in Direct Current (DC) amps ranging from 0 - 30 amps. The Amperage Adjustment Knob allows you to fine-tune the levels of electrical current (measured in amperage) flowing to the Chlorine-Generating Cell. This cell produces the chlorine gas, which is mixed with water for the pool. The Amperage Adjustment Knob is used to optimize and stabilize the production of chlorine, which ensures consistent chlorine levels in the pool.
      • To ensure normal operation, optimal performance and longer lifespan for the Chlorine Genie, ensure the unit is running as close to 15 amps as possible.