Does the Chlorine Genie reduce pool water hardness?

The Chlorine Genie does not reduce the hardness of pool water. While the unit uses a combination of Reverse Osmosis and Anti-Scale filters to separate hardness from water for chlorine production, the chlorinated water that goes into the pool contains the same hardness as the water source.

  • Water that enters the Chlorine Genie splits at the Reverse Osmosis cartridge:
    • One stream is softened water, which goes from the cartridge and into the brine tank. This softened water reduces calcium build up in the Cell and Brine Tank.
    • The other stream is hard water, which is routed directly to the mixing chamber via the P-Trap, where it absorbs chlorine gas to create chlorinated water. This water is then dispensed directly to the pool.
  • Are there any issues with routing hard water back into the pool?
    • No, pools generally have hard water and there are no negative effects to water hardness. The purpose of separating soft and hard water is to flow soft water into the Chlorine Genie to optimize the unit's performance.
The end result is that the Chlorine Genie has little impact on the hardness of pool water.