Chlorine production appears lower than my current system; can the Chlorine Genie really offset my current chlorine demand?

Yes! The Chlorine Genie is designed to optimize chlorine production on a consistent, daily basis. The consistency of chlorine production optimizes chlorine utilization.

For example, a weekly dump of liquid chlorine results in inefficient, under-utilization of chlorine at first as the pool chemistry is re-balancing (much of that chlorine is evaporated due to UV exposure). At the end of the week as chlorine levels are getting low, the chlorine is over-utilized as it gets dispersed across the entire pool. The Chlorine Genie, on the other hand, maintains a controlled chlorine balance allowing chlorine levels to be steady and utilized at an optimal rate.

Additionally, for larger pools with heavier bather loads, the Chlorine Genie can be used as a way to supplement chlorine levels. Because the Chlorine Genie runs daily, it helps to maintain consistent chlorine levels and crystal clear water in conjunction with a primary sanitation system.

In other words, Chlorine Genie's consistent chlorine production optimizes the true, average chlorine demand of the pool.